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Some of my favorite cross stitch websites are. - I find almost all the patterns absolutely gorgeous. - The patterns are fun and not very difficult. - The prices are good and excellent customer service.



Starrett House Front

Title: Eliza Scattergood
Designer: Plum Street Samplers
Fabric: Parchment 14 ct.

Title: Tobin Baby
Designer: Tobin Home Crafts
Fabric: White Aida 14 ct.

Title: Pink House Sampler
Designer: Plum Street Samplers
Fabric: Antique White Linen 18 ct.

Title: Season and Time
Design Company: Bothy Threads
Fabric: Zweigart Aida 16 ct

Title: R2D2
Designer: Helena Kovalchuk
Fabric: Black Aida 16 ct

Title: Wedding Tree
Designer: NikkiPattern
Fabric: Seafoam 18 ct. Aida.

Title: Mary Ann Appleyard
Designer: Pineberry Lane
Fabric: Khaki Evenweave 28 ct.

Title: Love
Designer: Green Terrace
Fabric: Mushroom Lugana 28 ct.

I did this for my brother who is planning on getting married.

Title: Starrett House
Designer: Nancy Spruance
Starrett House Back
Fabric: White Adia 14 ct.

Title: Wild Geese
Designer: Jim Killen Sunset Cross Stitch Kit
Fabric: Dove Grey Aida 16 ct.

Stitchrovia's Wedding Love for my niece who just got married. I changed the colors to better suit her tastes.

Winter Wishes Opalescent 16 ct from Hand-dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.

Abigail Front
Abigail Back

Meredith Front

Meredith Back

Yates Front

Yates Back

Yates up close front

This is my own pattern. I did it for different people and enjoyed it. The fabric was 20" X 24". The design on each was around 15 1/2" X 19 1/2".  It was on 14 ct, Aida. Two of them were on Oatmeal and Abigail was on White fabric.

Spring Butterfly

Close up

Close up of the back.
Title: Spring Butterfly
Designer: Alessandra Berretta of Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks
Count: 14
Fabric: Fiddler's Aida 24" X 20"
Design size: about 13" X 11"

I designed this cross stitch to sell.
Fabric: 20" X 24" on Fiddler's Aida
Design: 14" X 14"

April 1, 2014
Title: The First Dragon
Designer: Michele Sayetta through Heaven and Earth Designs
Count: 28
Fabric: Antique White Monaco Evenweave

I am doing one piece of thread a day.

Title: Disney's Wizard Mickey Mouse
Designer: Paragon Needlecraft
Count: 16 ct
Fabric: White Aida

Title: Holiday Village
Brand: Dimensions

This project I did for Ghoststitchers. It took me 8 months.

Name: Hedgehog Baby

Designer: Ellen Maurer-Stroh

Fabric: 16 ct white Aida

Thread: DMC

This was for a friend's baby. The short person's brother got a Panda. The parents picked the Hedgehog, they said, because the baby had a prickly personality.

Name: Dragonfly Baby
Designer: Ellen Maurer-Stroh
Fabric: 16 ct white Aida
Thread: DMC
This was for a friend's sister-in-law. The sister-in-law had done a cross-stitch for her first two children, but couldn't find the time to do one for the third. This is for the youngest child.

Past Projects

Lavender & Lace's Enchanted Alphabet

The back of Enchanted Alphabet

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