Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Title: Sandstorm (Sigma Force #1)

Author: James Rollins

Published: May 1, 2005

Genre: Action, Mystery

After an explosion in a London museum a group of people set off for an adventure in the Arabian desert, during a mega storm, looking for answers.

This was a fun action book. I was impressed with how the story had real consequences. If the group of characters didn’t manage to save the day the world would have ended up a drastically different place. The plot and the ways the characters managed to live through most of the action was convenient, but that is going to be true for any book like this.

I did not enjoy the almost love triangle the author set up. I don’t like them under normal circumstances, but here it was even worse. There was no real basis for the attraction between Painter and Safia. They didn’t spend any real time together (outside the action sequences), and had few conversations. When we listened to their inner thoughts they didn’t even talk about how attractive physically they found each other. Their budding potential romance just felt contrived.

Going into the story I was looking for a fun action with some plot. The author had been recommended to me and I was hoping to find another series to read. I felt it could have been a little shorter, but feel the book gave what it promised. I am more than willing to read the next one.

Overall I gave this book 4 stars out of 5.

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